[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the south, the temperature in the south is high, and in the south it is rainy. The air is filled with water vapor and moisture. The first problem facing the maintenance of solid wood wardrobes is dehumidification. Waxing is a more common method. The following China Wardrobe Network tells everyone to properly wax the wood wardrobe.

1, in winter, locking in moisture and waxing in time is the key

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance

In winter, the indoor heating temperature is higher, the air humidity is lower, and it is easy to cause the solid wood wardrobe to crack and open. In the winter, the solid wood wardrobe should be waxed regularly. Waxing not only can more effectively lock the moisture of the solid wood wardrobe, but also make the wardrobe look more shiny, the surface is not easy to vacuum, and it is easier to clean.

2, it is recommended to wax the solid wood wardrobe once a quarter

Solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance

Waxing has many advantages for solid wood wardrobes. To make solid wood wardrobes durable, they should be waxed regularly. Under normal circumstances, only one wax can be used every quarter. Although waxing is not harmful to the wardrobe, it is recommended not to wax frequently. Excessive waxing will also damage the appearance of the wardrobe coating.

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