Lapland Adventure (abbreviated as LA) is a brand of wool outdoor products from Gothenburg, Sweden. It specializes in providing woolen underwear, socks and coats made from ultra-fine Australian Merino wool for outdoor enthusiasts of mountaineering, skiing, cycling, trekking and diving.

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Welcome to surf our luxury paper packages.We are good at manufacturing the Medicine Box.

  1. Multi-purpose organiser solution
  2. Wheels for easy manoeuvring
  3. Stacks for convenent storing
  4. Clip-tight lid
  5. Moulded easy-grip handles
  6. Avaliable in many sizes
  7. No recycled paper
  8. High quality

Here are some products of our company Medicine Box showing:

paper box15-1

This box is made of perfect art paper wrapped coat one side paper.This kind of medicine Box can be used for Medicine.

It has the nice handmade process and the nice printing for packing the Medicine.

paper box16-2

Medicine Paper Box

Round Shape Medicine Box,Clear Plastic Medicine Boxes,Card Paper Medicine Boxes

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