On January 16, the "Titanium White Clean Production Technology and Demonstration" project, which was completed by the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong Dongjia Group Co., Ltd., passed the acceptance and process of the important direction project of the Knowledge Innovation Project organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Identification. The Acceptance / Appraisal Committee is led by Academician Zhang Guocheng of the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, and Academician Qiu Dingfan of the Beijing Institute of Mining Research as the deputy team leader. The other members are from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing University of Science and Technology, China Coatings Association, China Inorganic Salt It is composed of senior experts from Industrial Association, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co., Ltd. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Director Tang Qing of the High-Tech Bureau of the Academy. The relevant leaders of the Institute of Accounting, Finance and Intellectual Property, Ma Guanghui, Deputy Director of the Process Engineering Institute, and Jiang Ming, Deputy Director attended the meeting.

The Appraisal / Acceptance Committee carefully listened to the project acceptance report of the project leader Researcher Qi Tao, the process identification technology research report, the new research report of Deputy Researcher Chu Jinglong, the user use report of Li Huaquan, Deputy Chief Engineer of Shandong Dongjia Group, Beijing Science and Technology The product test report of Prof. Guo Zhancheng from the university watched the video materials of the 1,000-ton demonstration project of the titanium dioxide cleaning process of sub-molten salt method, and listened to the on-site test report of the on-site inspection expert group. After full discussion and questioning, the acceptance and appraisal committee agreed: "The new process has a high resource utilization rate, low waste emissions, and strong applicability of raw materials. The main process is an international initiative, which has more technical, economic and environmental advantages than the sulfuric acid process. The prospects are good, the achievements have independent intellectual property rights, and the complete set of technology for efficient conversion of titanium resources sub-molten salts-alkali acid regeneration and recycling has an international leading level. "

With the support of the National Science and Technology Support Program, the 973 Program, and the Directional Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research team of Prof. Qi Tao applied the sub-molten salt platform technology to titanium for the characteristics of low utilization rate of titanium resources in China and large emissions of titanium dioxide production pollutants. White production has increased the conversion rate of titanium from about 85% of the sulfuric acid method to nearly 100%. At the same time, the process has realized the recycling of alkaline acid medium, which solves the problem of the use of titanium acid waste acid by the sulfuric acid method and reduces the pollutants from the source. Discharge, a variety of amphoteric metals in titanium slag can be recovered in the lye circulation process.

The process was completed in Shandong Dongjia Group in March 2009. A 1,000-ton demonstration production line was built. The entire demonstration line included a total of 10 processes from reaction to product, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan and an area of ​​2000m2. The demonstration line was realized in May 2011. 3. Stable operation. The produced titanium dioxide meets the requirements of national standards, and achieves a total conversion rate of more than 97% for titanium, 90% for alkali recycling, zero emission of acid waste gas and waste residue, and a 10% reduction in production costs. This result was unanimously recognized by the expert group of appraisal / acceptance as "a major original innovative technology that will promote the upgrading of China's titanium dioxide industry."

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