For a long time, as an important barrier to product anti-counterfeiting, bottle caps are an important means for people to identify the authenticity of products. However, we have recently discovered a big problem that the production technology of bottle caps is low and it is easy to counterfeit. Although anti-counterfeiting of bottle caps allows people to identify authenticity, if counterfeit caps are copied from the source, it is difficult for people to identify them. Some criminals even turned their attention to the prized bottle caps and counterfeited the bottle caps. This has caused great difficulties for some manufacturers who carry out prized cap activities.

Regarding counterfeit bottle caps, we believe that improvements should be made from the following aspects. First of all, it is to strengthen supervision and crackdown. It is necessary for regulators to strengthen the management of bottle cap manufacturers and increase the inspection of bottle caps into the market. At the same time, once the manufacturers of counterfeit bottle caps are found, they must increase penalties. Second, manufacturers of bottle caps must strengthen self-discipline. Bottle cap manufacturers counterfeit even though they benefit shortly. However, in the long run, the confusion caused by the downstream companies of bottle caps will ultimately damage the interests of bottle cap manufacturers. Finally, the relevant associations of bottle caps should also strengthen the management of members within the organization.

For the bottle cap industry, only by maintaining the healthy development of the entire industry can we win opportunities in competing with other product categories.

Plug Valve

Industrial plug valves are wildly used in oil tank or any type of chemical industry pipeline system. DBB Plug Valve and sleeved plug valve with ASME & DIN standard are commonly used by customer. Industrial plug valve are with soft and metal seal type and valve size are from 1/2 inch to 24 inch(DN15-DN600) matching pressure from class 150 to class 600(PN10-PN100) which are suitable for operating in the working media temperature from -29℃ to 180℃, as well as material in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and duplex steel in casting material.

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