Patent Name: Cigarettes and Packaging Flexible Clamp Lifting and Conveying Device Patent Application No. 0 Publication No.: 2661580
Application Date: 2003.09.28 Public Day: 2004.12.08
Applicant: Chen Zhixin

The utility model relates to a flexible clamp lifting and conveying device for a tobacco rod and a package. The utility model is characterized in that the rack is provided with a confluence device, a flexible elevating and conveying device connected with the confluence device, and a side wheel mechanism supporting the flexible elevating and conveying device. The utility model cigarette holder and package flexible clamping lifting conveyor device adopts flexible chain plate conveying, and its clamping surface is densely covered with high elasticity and small convex surface, which protects cigarette packs and other packaging materials and ensures that the conveying objects are in the conveying process. Smooth without sliding. In the process of conveying, the flexible conveying of the object can be completed stably and reliably, the work efficiency is improved, the stability is good, and the packaging quality of the tobacco bar and the package can be greatly improved. The utility model is suitable for the flexible lifting transportation of various box-shaped and bottle-shaped packaging materials in the cigarette and food industry in the cigarette industry, and is continuous and reliable in the conveying process, and ensures that the tobacco rod and various packaging materials are not conveyed during the conveying process. Damaged.

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