When choosing a vacuum-fed belt printer, it is necessary to consider the quality and performance of the inkjet system. The following aspects are mainly included:

(1) Print quality level: The drug electronic monitoring code uses a bar code detection device with a hierarchical detection function to perform inspection supervision. The inspection level standard is divided into five quality levels: A is the best, and the bar code can be read well; The D level is the worst, and the barcode may not be read by some devices; F level cannot be used. General requirements Print quality levels must meet C level or above.

(2) Printing accuracy: In the pursuit of high printing accuracy, we must also consider the impact of the speed of paper. In general, the slower the speed of paper feeding, the higher the precision of printing; the faster the speed of paper feeding, the lower the precision of printing. In order to improve the precision of printing, some coding systems often use rotary nozzles, the printing width is fixed at 14mm, and the printing accuracy can reach 500dpi.

(3) Code width and head configuration: There are many specifications for the code width. The head can be stacked and combined. One drive card can drive multiple heads. The open face printer can use four heads.

(4) Continuous ink supply: Inkjet printers generally use continuous ink supply. A single nozzle can supply 400 to 500 ml of ink at a time. It can continuously print 400,000 to 500,000 codes. The cost for one code is basically 0.001 yuan. .

(5) Operational stability: The most prone to malfunction of the nozzle is the clogging of the nozzle. If it is improperly wiped, it will also damage the nozzle. Therefore, it is expected that when the printer is not used for more than 48 hours, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned, and a special wiping device needs to be used to wipe the nozzle, and then the tape nozzle is used to seal the nozzle. The best way is to use a nozzle with automatic cleaning device or automatic cleaning device outside the machine.

In addition, we must select a vacuum feeding belt platform type inkjet printer that is suitable for its own products to ensure that it meets the paper specifications and jet printing quality requirements of the coded products. For the pharmaceutical packaging box with higher printing requirements, the UV printing code should be matched as much as possible. system.

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