Vantage Pro2 automatic weather station adopts integrated design, large-screen LCD graphic display, can collect wind, temperature, humidity, light, rainfall, solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation, air pressure, dew point, soil humidity, soil temperature, leaf humidity, ET, etc. Meteorological factors, and can automatically generate NOAA weather reports and trend analysis. With software, it can realize network remote data transmission and network real-time weather status monitoring. Remote control and remote data transmission can be realized by configuring GPRS remote control module. The meteorological short message module sends the meteorological parameters of the current environment to the mobile phone number set by the user at a specified interval using short messages.

Sipimo Hair Essence SPRAY LUXURY
Key ingredients: Polygonum
multiflorum, angelica, aloe, tea
polyphenols, ginseng and other
Capacity: 100ml
It is suitable for those who need
to have hair (white hair or not)

Hair Essence Luxury Spray

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