Want to tender skin, pat the toner
Want to moisturize the skin, pat the toner, get it all.

Which girl does not want white skin and tender skin ? White, pure and smooth skin will not only add you unlimited charm, but your self-confidence will also be greatly improved! So how to have supple skin? Is to buy a lot of skin care products Is it a lot of skin care time? Wrong, as long as you have a bottle of lotion , take all the skin problems every day!

First shot: open skin moisturizing channel

Many girls have never understood why toner should be taken . In fact, for skin care, it is necessary to keep the skin in perfect condition to facilitate the absorption of subsequent skin care products. So the first step after washing our face is to use your fingertips to gently pat the skin around the contours to wake up instantly. Special reminder that the intensity is not particularly heavy, mainly by using the action of tapping to promote blood circulation in the face, so that your entire face is ready to stay in perfect condition.

The second shot: Water Run is taken into it

Although everyone will use a cotton pad to apply toner, I still recommend applying lotion directly by hand. Because the hand has a certain temperature, it can be a good combination of toner, use the temperature of the hand and the skin of the face to make a skin care, gently press the pat, the toner is instantly injected into the bottom of the skin, the skin is full of vitality The skin feels watery.

The third shot: the sensitive skin should pay attention to the water

Sensitive skin has less sebum secretion, and it is prone to allergic reactions to various external stimuli. If it is slightly stimulated, it will cause skin discomfort, cause skin diseases, and appear red, swollen, itchy and other symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended to gently tap and penetrate the sensitive surface. If you have acne or acne, you can use a cotton pad soaked in lotion to gently massage. The anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients in the lotion can promote the recovery of the affected area. However, because of its strong drug, it is best to use it once every other day. Apply a lotion suitable for normal healthy skin immediately after recovery.

The fourth shot: oily skin to shoot water to waste

Oily muscles are too much due to the secretion of oil. The face often has a greasy and dirty feeling, which is easy to cause large pores, blockage and cause skin problems such as acne and hemorrhoids. Soaking the cotton pad with the lotion and gently rubbing it on the skin will not only help thoroughly cleanse the skin, but also, in the process of massaging the skin back and forth, the exfoliating ingredients can also cause the dead cells to fall off quickly, and the wiping action can also help. Remove the peeling and leave the skin dry and clean. Remember to pat the entire face after the care is done, and do the finishing exercise of the skin. >>>The use of lotion mask tips

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