[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Wardrobe is one of the bedroom furniture, it can organize our clothes very well, since it is a friend of a lifetime, we should take good care of it, the autumn and winter season is coming soon, all kinds of wardrobes are facing severe Test, for all kinds of wardrobes, we have organized maintenance plans for your reference.

Leather wardrobe maintenance tips

Wardrobe maintenance

Leather wardrobe

The autumn and winter seasons are rainy and humid, and the climate is humid. The leather wardrobe is prone to hardening of the leather and mildew on the surface. The serious situation may also cause the wooden frame of the wardrobe to be deformed and the color of the leather surface to fade. Therefore, the focus of the autumn leather wardrobe maintenance is to do the drying and dehumidification work. Generally, after dust removal, the surface of the leather is wiped with professional wardrobe maintenance products such as oyster sauce, lanolin, and leather oil. The mildew on the surface of the wardrobe can be removed with a mildew remover and then coated with leather maintenance oil.

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance tips

Solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe

Although most of the high-grade solid wood wardrobes have undergone strict drying treatment before leaving the factory, but in the long-term environment of excessive humidity, the solid wood wardrobe is easy to expand, and eventually the wardrobe is deformed. The price of high-grade solid wood wardrobes is not cheap, so the maintenance of autumn and winter solid wood wardrobes should not be underestimated. We can use the professional wooden wardrobe cleaner to wipe the surface of the solid wood wardrobe. The surface of the wardrobe after wiping will form a protective film, which can prevent the water vapor from infiltrating into the interior of the solid wood wardrobe to a certain extent, and it has a good wardrobe maintenance effect. In addition, the surface of the solid wood wardrobe with a good water-based paper or plastic paper stickers can also play a good role in moisture.

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