Now, UV gravure decorative inks have achieved very good printing results. Although there are many varieties, unlike UV screen printing inks, UV gravure decorative inks do not have any differences such as matte, wrinkles, icy flowers, and refractive index. It can simultaneously There are various decorative textures on the printing plate cylinder, and there is only a difference in texture between them. If the print is mainly frosted, ink with high coverage is required; if the print is mainly based on refractive index, high transparency and high refractive index inks should be used; if the prints are dominated by wrinkles or ice, they must be balanced. Ink varieties. In other words, the type of ink used depends on the subject of the print.

Gravure machines for printing decorative textures include sheet-fed gravure printers and rotogravure machines. Due to the aforementioned reasons, high-quality UV gravure inks are difficult to produce, so most of the imported and domestic rotary gravure machines do not have UV curing devices. If UV gravure decorative inks are to be printed, UV curing devices must be installed. The UV curing device consists of a medium pressure mercury lamp, a reflector and a protective cover. The working pressure of the medium-pressure mercury lamp is 1.33×10 4 Pa, and the proportion of the 365 nm and 366.5 nm lines in the emission spectrum is relatively high. Most of the photoinitiation systems have strong absorption in this line region, which is extremely effective for UV ink curing. important. In addition, the power density of the medium pressure mercury lamp used is 80-240 W/cm, and the actual light emitting area of ​​the lamp is slightly larger than the maximum width of the cured area. If 80W/cm lamp is used, at least 3 must be installed; if the lamp with power density greater than 120W/cm is used, at least 2 must be installed. In actual use, the greater the power density of the lamp, the stronger the penetrating power of UV light and the better the curing effect. Two 120W/cm lamps and three 80W/cm lamps have the same total power density, but the former has a better curing effect than the latter.

When installing a UV curing device, pay attention to the following points:

(1) Install the aluminum reflector.

(2) Pay attention to protection against UV light and discharge ozone outside.

(3) UV lamps must be cooled.

(4) Note explosion protection.

Full auto Paper Bag Machine

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags without handles from paper roll, and it is an ideal equipment for producing small-size paper bags fast. By implementing steps including paper feeding, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming inline, this machine can effectively save labor costs. The equipped photoelectric detector can correct cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision. The equipped SIEMENS PLC system ensures that the machine can perform quickly and stably. This machine can process very thin paper, as well as produce paper bags very fast, thus this machine is especially suitable for being applied in food industries.

Roll-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

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