Everyone wants to go home after a busy day. Someone will give you a massage of tired body, but whoever comes home from work will have a mood to give you a massage. It is better to buy a massage chair than this, which is convenient and comfortable. Speaking of buying a massage chair, you need the top ten brands in the massage chair industry. The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will tell you which brand of massage chair is good , to help you choose the massage chair that suits you more quickly.

Which brand of massage chair is good ?


1. Rongtai Massage Chair : Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Co. , Ltd. , the top ten brands of massage chairs, integrating development / manufacturing / marketing massage and health care products , Shanghai high-tech industry, Shanghai famous brand .

2, Oriental God Massage Chair: Ningbo Aosen Health Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, the top ten brands of massage chairs, the leader of domestic health massage products , the professional manufacturing industry of massage rehabilitation chair materials .  

3, Aojiahua Massage Chair: Xiamen Mengfali Health Technology Co., Ltd., established in Malaysia, internationally renowned health care brand, top ten brands of massage chairs, domestic pioneer massage chair industry group .

4, Shouken massage chair: Hangzhou Shouken electric chair Co., Ltd., Japan Shouken electric chair, Ltd. under the branches, is committed to the development of new massage products, massage chairs top ten domestic brands.

5, Alister massage chair: Zhejiang Haozhonghao Health Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in massage products manufacturer specializing in high-tech industries, Zhejiang Province, well-known brands, top ten brand massage chairs.


6, Panasonic massage chair: Japan's Matsushita Electric Chair Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan, the world's leading electronics industry, electric chair massage chair manufacturer domestic market top ten brands, world-renowned 1918.


7. Aosheng Massage Chair : Aosheng Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1980 in Singapore , is one of the top ten brands of massage chairs , a leading company in the world of health care products , and a well-known brand in Singapore .

8, Wing Hong massage chair: Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Kangtai, health care chair timber industry-leading brands, the earliest industrial manufacturing massage chairs, massage chairs top ten brands, the massage chair industry standard drafting unit.

9 , Comfort Massage Chair : Ningbo Comfort Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1986 from Taiwan, the top ten brands of chair , professional development / manufacturing / sales as one of the massage chair brand .


10, Fuji Massage Chair : Qiaoshan Health Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1954 Japan, world-renowned massage chair brand, one of the well-known brands in the health care industry , the top ten brands of domestic massage chairs .

The above is what Xiaobian brought to you.   Which brand of massage chair is good ? Massage chair top ten brands   I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of which brand of massage chair after reading this article . If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel !

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