With the continuous advancement of printing equipment and consumables, we have brought many surprising new results. Although UV ink is nothing new for inkjet printing, it has become a catalyst for industry change. There are several reasons why we say this:

1. UV ink can be directly printed on a variety of substrates. Its ability to allow many printers with UV inkjet printers—usually flatbed printers—to enter a vast new market directly. In fact, many markets and products have made great progress in the past few years by virtue of the special ability of UV curing inks. The successful printing of UV inks on leather, glass, wood, metal and other substrates has greatly expanded our possibilities for innovation and profitability.

2. Another powerful advantage of UV ink is that it can quickly dry under the irradiation of ultraviolet light. It is because of this process that ultraviolet light has become a key factor for inkjet printing to achieve high-speed production, especially in the field of sheet-fed printing (such as packaging printing), the speed of ink drying by evaporation is very slow.

However, UV ink also has its own weaknesses. First, this ink is very expensive. In addition, the price of inkjet printers is higher than that of solvent-based printers, which may cause some problems for printing companies that want to buy new equipment. Another weakness of UV ink mainly comes from the field of ink development. Many companies currently using UV inkjet technology hope that this ink can achieve higher adhesion and durability on a variety of substrates. Of course, ink developers have also made arduous efforts to achieve this goal in recent years.

With the continuous development of ink technology, many problems that people initially worried about have been effectively solved by improving the formula. One of the most typical examples is the progress made in the stretchability of some UV inkjet inks. Once it has the ideal tensile properties, UV inkjet can be used on many products that need to be folded and bent, such as body stickers. This breakthrough directly led to an increase in the number of UV roll-to-roll printing units installed worldwide. All in all, the continuous advancement of technology makes UV inkjet ink gradually occupy the market area previously dominated by solvent-based ink technology.

As the environmental and sustainability issues are heating up, many companies are gradually considering UV inkjet inks as an environmentally friendly option because they neither contain nor emit volatile organic compounds commonly found in solvent-based ink systems. The recent LED-UV curing technology has made UV inkjet an ideal choice for professional imaging companies to control emissions and energy use.

The development of ink technology is a dynamic process, and it is difficult for us to design fixed goals for it. But what is certain is that with the continuous progress of technology, the durability, color quality and adhesion of ink will definitely be improved. Although breakthrough ink systems are just around the corner, we still have to choose between UV, solvent and water-based systems. Therefore, one of the most important things you should do now is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various inks and choose an appropriate ink system according to your needs.

1)Mild to moderate ankle distortion

2)Chronic ankle instability

3)Prophylactic and therapeutic use in sport activities

4)Made of mesh fabric for great ventilation

5)Special designed PP for better fitting,supporting and light weight

6)Lace-up design for proper fastening as personal demand

7)Fits right and left foot

Ankle Brace

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