In the current Chinese wooden door industry, SMEs indisputably occupy the mainstream of the market. For these small and medium-sized enterprises, if they want to gain competitive advantage by "building core technology" in the short term, it is almost impossible, so product homogenization has become a common problem for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

There are many successful examples of "selling the same kind of products differently", that is, to differentiate the products and to create indelible awareness in the minds of consumers. Such as the same soap: the concept of sterilization has made "Shufujia", in fact, all the soap has a sterilization function; Shanghai Benben interior door waterproof concept makes its sales double. From the new concept of door making to the pioneer of integrated wood industry, Shanghai Anyang has set off a sales climax again and again with “excellent quality and extraordinary taste”.

Competition without competition is the best competition. If most of the companies succeed in achieving this kind of marketing breakthrough, they have the opportunity to grow on the existing basis, even on products without any technical barriers.

According to other industry sources, “In addition to the product itself, the added value of the product can also be used as a marketing focus. For example: sincere service allows Haier to sell differently, let consumers move, and let consumers trust, thus gaining value added. This is the inner strength of Haier brand and the marketing gap of other Chinese home appliance companies. The unique quality of products can also be used as the focus of marketing. For example, the concept of prairie has made Yili, the concept of pollution-free access to consumers. There are many examples of this. The root of the problem lies in whether the company can find the product appeal of 'no one else, my unique product'. This differentiated marketing strategy can not only help companies quickly occupy the market, but also help. Enterprises gradually establish their own brands, cultivate customer loyalty to product brands, make long-term consumption, and further expand the influence by word of mouth."

"To sell the same kind of products differently", to find the "non-competitive space" of enterprise products, this is the shortcut for the development of SMEs. As Shanghai Wanjia Mumen said: “The competition without competition is the best competition.” If most enterprises can successfully achieve this kind of marketing breakthrough, they have the opportunity to build on existing foundations, even Products that do not have any technical barriers grow. Many companies are still selling products on products. They don't have their own effective competitive methods. From product to marketing model to marketing methods, there is not much difference. How do people do it, how do I do it, and homogenization competition is serious. In addition, many door enterprises have a weak brand awareness and no systematic means of operation. Now, although everyone is talking about brand strategy, they really have the courage to "try to invest, dare to use people, dare to take the lead" and try to fight hard. Such enterprises are not many in the industry, but in fact the market tends to favor these companies.

In a nutshell, after the refinement, the difference will gradually emerge. So the surface is very similar, but in essence it is very different. The same is true for the door enterprises. In this case, the "bad-minded" enterprises and their inferior products are not mentioned. In fact, many companies have similar products to each other, but why do they have a big difference in the market? ? Some products are very popular, but more is that the market performance is very dull, and even some product sales are almost unattended. In fact, no matter what kind of company, what kind of product, or do the door and window products, I want to cover everything, "Nuggets everywhere" is often difficult. However, if you want to be ingenious in a particular field, you should not be difficult to find the next bucket of gold.

There is a “personalized” brand that has been cultivated from beginning to end. Multinational companies in the Chinese market must not only make money from selling products themselves, but also make money from the marketing level. What is the core function of marketing? The core function of marketing is to sell the products at the highest price that consumers can accept. This part of the profit is the additional profit on the product, that is, the “personalized” brand profit and the cultural connotation profit.

The “personalized” brand is able to identify a point. This point is the “exclusive space” under the market segmentation. The product is distinguished from the mass market in terms of performance, application, concept, and consumer appeal. The establishment process of the brand is to continuously achieve and gradually strengthen the process of consumers' trust in enterprise products. The earlier this process is carried out, the more favorable the product is quickly accepted by consumers. The more comprehensive the process is, the more beneficial it is to consumers. Accept the products of the company from multiple angles. Guyou Mumen, Jinfeng Wooden Door, Mengtian Wooden Door, Wuxi Pinsheng Wooden Door, Dayan Wooden Door, a few years ago, maybe they are some of the same companies in the same industry, and some may not have the advantages of other companies, but with With the constant changes in market demand and the efforts of the company itself, they stand out. In the East China, the author has also contacted many similar enterprises that have been doing for several years or even ten years. When they develop to a certain level, they are self-satisfied. The self-styled attitude restricts the development of enterprises. Therefore, the long history of the company does not mean that the brand is deep, and even some enterprises operate more than ten. Years, still lack of brand. For the brand topic, many bosses always think that "the company is small, there is no money to make the brand", "there is no unique technology can not be the brand", "the product is not perfect, the brand is not perfect" and so on. In fact, the ability to establish a brand is not necessarily related to the above factors. It is precisely the product without core technology, but also the need to build a brand! Because if you have core technology, your product will naturally become competitive.

In short, door and window enterprises must find ways to connect with the market, to understand the various subjects of the market, to understand the consumer's thinking, they must talk to them highly and actively, and dialogue can explain that everyone is on a communication level, if If you can't talk, it's hard to find a "docking point" between the product and the market. If you change it, you must first proceed from the door enterprise itself. First of all, you must know what people want. why would? Of course, wooden door enterprises should pay attention to the issue of innovation. They should eradicate the old concept of “products and products”, update the concept is the beginning of “selling different”, and also understand these basic essentials from the beginning of cultivating personalized brands. Wood Door Enterprise has also taken a key step in marketing breakthroughs.

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