Due to the timeliness and seasonality of green tea production, it is difficult to ensure that it is fresh all year round. Wuxi Jiangnan University Science and Technology Park has introduced the “Changsheng Buddha” fresh green tea produced using new technologies.

According to reports, if the new tea purchased during the spring tea is not properly preserved, the aroma will dissipate, the color will turn yellow and the aging will change. Newly-acquired new teas are simply frozen in the refrigerator and have the potential to "taste." At present, domestically and internationally, cold storage methods are commonly used to preserve green tea. Although it plays a significant role in commercial storage and transportation, it still cannot solve the problem of green tea stored at room temperature. Wuxi Jiangnan University Science Park uses physical electromagnetic field dormancy technology to suppress all kinds of green tea. The activity of oxidase prevents the oxidation of active ingredients. At the same time, traditional packaging is reformed to avoid loss of green tea aroma components and odor, and without using any additives, the effect of green tea preservation can be achieved at room temperature. This technology was approved by domestic experts at the end of 2003 and applied for national patents.

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